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I'm doing a pair of podcast episodes on both Sappho the historic woman, and Sappho the legend and icon, including a tour through how her poetry was received and translated over time. I'd love for folks to support the existence of this show (part of The Lesbian Talk Show) with downloads and show feedback. Show my podcast host that people are clamoring for more stories of women-loving-women taken from the pages of history books.

Here's the current episode link.

And here's a page with links to all the past shows, so you can catch up.

I don't do the podcast for fame and fortune--I do it for love. It would be cool to get some love back. Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast feed (such as iTunes, Podbean, or Stitcher) and it would be fabulous if you left a rating and review specifically mentioning how much you enjoy the history podcast.
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 For the month of May I'll be covering a quartet of encyclopedia/catalog type works, starting with Foster's mid-20th century Sex Variant Women in Literature.
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The final entry on Mills' Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages.

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 This finishes up the "literary relationships" tag groups. I have two sub-categories of poetry to cover and then it will be back to a new publication.

This multi-month interlude putting together the tag exploration pages has been, in part, a breathing space while other projects took priority. But the more practical aspect has been to add brief descriptions to each tag (so that viewers have some notion what they're following up on), and to do housekeeping on the tags themselves. I've identified a number of duplications or inconsistencies, and in some cases I have a tag listed that isn't linked to any publications for various reasons. This can be the problem with projects that grow organically! All of this housekeeping may not matter in the least to my readers. (I do have readers, right? People do actually click through?) But getting things sorted out now will help me be more consistent going forward.


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