Jan. 30th, 2017

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One of the main tasks in this past weekend's website work session was to migrate the alpennia.com site to a new server. In order to avoid creating logistical nightmares, I won't be posting new material until my webmasters give me the all-clear that everything's propagated correctly and pointing to the right things. If I understand the process correctly, there won't ever be an interruption of being able to reach the site, but even if I were adding material to the correct, new version, people might not be able to see it yet until everything settles into place. So rather than draft things up on DW/LJ and then have to remember to port them over manually later, I'll save any substantive blogging until it's sorted out.

In the mean time...

Cats. There are new cats in my house. There are not pictures of the new cats yet, because the new cats are hiding under the furniture convinced that I'm going to do something to them more awful than taking away their previous (late) owner, invading their home with large numbers of people packing things into boxes, forcibly grabbing them and stuffing them into cages, and then driving them for an hour only to release them into a completely strange house.

I'm currently operating on the principle that they'll come out and explore when they get hungry or thirsty, most likely when I'm not around to be scary. They are ca 4 y.o. females, one black, one gray tabby (possibly sisters? I realize I never specifically asked). They arrived with names that will probably be changed as I get to know them a bit better.


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