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You know? Even apart from the question of rain, I'm glad I spent the weekend working on projects rather than going to Crown. I finished the curtains (and matching pillow shams) for the guest room. I finished the lacing eyelets on the new 14th c. fitted under-gown. I went off to REI with my annual membership rebate and discount coupon in hand and bought a new carryon suitcase. (It's a style I've had my eye on for years: rollaway but with hidden full backpack straps, and with a zip-on daypack as well.)

Then on a whim I ran by Navlet's to browse plants and decided to plunge into the Parking Strip Project. Two rolls of water-permeable anti-weed mat, 18 assorted lavenders, 6 prostrate rosemary, and not nearly enough bags of shredded redwood mulch. The process is to scrape the majority of the weeds off, insert the plants, roll the matting and pin it down, cut slits over the plants and carefully help them through, then spread the mulch (which is mostly to hide the ugly plastic matting). I also moved some of the spare concrete pavers from the back to sit between the plantings (to indicate to people that it's still ok to step there when they park). So far I've done 30 feet out of the 100+ and used 6 lavenders and 2 rosemarys. So I may need a few more plants at the end (and will need a bit more of the anti-weed mat, since I only got 100 feet). And so far I'm averaging one bag of shredded redwood per 5 feet so I shudder at how much of that it's going to take (although I'm thinking of extending it by mixing in some of my leaf mulch from last fall).

The ultimate idea is to establish some tough, aromatic, drought-tolerant shrubs to replace the rather lush assortment of winter weeds (which turn into ugly dead stuff later on). With luck, the plants will take off before some clumsy parker steps on them, but that's the risk.

Weekends are a bit funny when it comes to schedules. Friday and Saturday nights it seems like I go crazy knowing I don't have to get up early, so I stay up working on projects past midnight, then do my best to sleep in. But Sunday evening I feel like I'm crashing by 8pm.
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I had a long list of things on the to-do list for this weekend. And I did accomplish a trip to Regan Nursery where I bought a yellow tree-rose (carefully situated to continue the symmetry of the existing three) and a White Pearmain apple tree (which will live in a pot until I decide where it goes). But a vast amount of today's planned activities got tossed out in favor of making a push to complete the revisions and fill-ins for Daughter of Mystery I now have an actual, complete, realio-trulio, readable draft to send off to my beta-readers. All names and vocabulary are in place. All literary quotations and ritual texts have been composed. All time-line rearrangements have been smoothed out and continuity-checked. I've even made sure to plant a few more items that tie in to Book 2.

Current word-count is 132K which is up 5K from the raw first draft -- most of which is accounted for by completing the "promissory" items. It undoubtedly needs some trimming, but I'll leave that for the next round. Wow. I started working on this story in November 2007. I don't intend for Book 2 to take that much time ... but then, I'm using the same setting, many of the same characters, and already have a fairly rich layering of plots and sub-plots going on. (And having already started on Book 2 gives me something to occupy myself while waiting for the next steps for Book 1.) I kind of feel like a real live author at the moment.

And, hey, there's still time to get the curtains sewn.
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We can just assume that on any given day (and especially on weekends) I will be getting work done on the novel revisions. I'm doing about three different revision passes simultaneously depending on work mode. If I'm commuting, then I'm doing relatively straightforward read-and-fix stuff on the iPad. If I'm on the laptop but not at home, I can do more complicated search-and-replace work, especially ones that involve going back and forth between the text and my various reference tables and lists, or things that involve jumping around a lot in the text. If I'm at home, then I can work on deriving my names and technical vocabulary. It's fascinating to see how the essential story remains the same even when the details of what happens get changed. There were a couple of POV-lets early on that had turned out to be about three times longer than what ended up being the typical length. And when I went to look at them, they also had notes about problems with the POV that needed fixing. So I tried swapping out the POVs in the middle to make 6 (alternating) typical-length sections. So for a third of the affected text, I'm completely reversing which character it's filtered through. It's ... interesting. I have to accept the loss of certain details because they went on in the other character's head. But other bits now become accessible. And most of it is still there -- just with a different spin. It's also interesting to see how the characters evolved. This is an effect of my "write start to finish with no going back" principle. I'm now rewriting those "first impressions" to catch up with how they eventually revealed themselves. The lawyer/estate-manager is a good example: he's still essentially the same person, but some of his habitual mannerisms have changed, and the ways that he interacted with certain other characters shifted into a slightly different angle. (I also eventually discovered more about his personal life which, though it's entirely implicit, adds depth.)

I also started a new sewing project today: cut out the fabric and lining for another gothic fitted undergown, this time entirely in linen for when I anticipate getting dirty. (Like cooking.) I'm hoping to have it done in time for the culinary symposium, although the lacing eyelets are likely to be the most time-consuming part.

And then I BARTed over to Borderlands Books in SF for a reading by Jo Walton who I'd never previously managed to meet in person, despite us both having been active on rasfc back in the Before Times.

Finished the day off by processing some more dance music for the iPad reader to be ready for the Crosston Ball next Saturday. I'm experimenting with doing some cut-and-paste work on 2-page layouts to get them down to a single screen. It would be a different matter if I were simply singling out one line out of a 4 or 5 part arrangement, but I don't always know in advance which part I'm going to play on the harp (and for some tunes I like changing things up on the repeats) so I prefer to keep the full arrangement.

I'm probably due to write the first iPad review soon, now that I've had a chance to work through my favorite apps a bit.
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So let's see what I've accomplished this weekend:

* Mowed the lawn (I seem to be able to get by with about once a month. I feel a bit weird mowing and edging the parking strip, which is nothing but weeds, but it's sort of on the "broken window" principle. I.e., keep it the nicest looking weeds I can, for now, and people will at least know I care about appearances.) Also finished mapping the current contents of the front yard. (The back yard will only take one more session, since there aren't that many plants there, even though the spaces is larger.)

* Organized the housecleaning supplies and installed a rack for the brooms and mops and whatnot. (Originally I had visions of an actual broom closet somewhere, somehow, but at the moment I'm settling for a rack attached to the end of the stash shelves, which is right next to the door to the garage, plus a cheap plastic bin for the supplies.)

* Installed a bolt-style lock on the garage door. (This is a sort of belt-and-suspenders thing for some peace of mind. Mostly for when I go away for the weekend.)

* Picked up supplies for the class I'm teaching next weekend for Erinwood A&S. (I'm play-testing a "heat management for open fire cooking" class for people who are interested in participating in "cooks play-dates" but are hesitant about their fire management skills.)

* Re-organized the book boxes in the garage. There were about four purposes here. 1) Pull out the boxes with music books and cookbooks and shelve them. 2) Pull out the boxes with the women's history/gender studies books to start tracking down images for my collegium class. 3) Re-organize the non-book boxes (old paperwork, journal offprints, in-process research, etc.) to make it easier to get at thing's I'm likely to need (like teaching supplies). 4) Map out the location of all the boxes so that it will be less work if I need to pull something to get a particular book or set of books out before the library gets set up. The other incidental benefit of this project is that I removed enough boxes to give me one box-width more of free space in the garage.

* Put away the box of misc. art supplies and the office supplies that live in the secretary desk.

* Did the preliminary sort through the 2 boxes of cassette tapes. Since I don't directly list to cassettes any more, my rule of thumb is that I'm only going to keep things that either have archival value (e.g., tapes that have me or my material on them) or ones that I'd be willing to go to the trouble of ripping if I can't find the album on CD. Since most of my folk music on cassette was originally dumped from CDs, the vast majority of what I may be getting rid of is filk and filk-oid music. I promised [ profile] cryptocosm he gets first dibs on anything I'm discarding, after which I'll pursue other options.

* Very minor accomplishments: did laundry, cleared off stuff accumulated on dining room table (which I really really intend not to be a dumping ground), got more or less caught up on sleep. Still to do: data entry for various of the above (yard map, book box map, recent purchases to catalog), catch up on electronic correspondence.
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Somewhere in my house or garage is a can of high-temperature black paint. Amend that: somewhere in my house or garage are two cans of high-temperature black paint ... only one of which I know the precise location of.

It's been another weekend of repeatedly dashing out to buy that one key item needed to move the next project forward. But the projects are moving forward. I've rigged up a tentative solution for the spice storage (racks on the backs of the cabinet doors to the left of the stove) but it's a bit cobbled together because I wanted to make sure it fits my workflow before screwing things to the doors permanently. I decided on an arrangement for the 6 alleged CD towers (only 2 of which have ever been used for CDs): 5 in a sort of U against the short central wall on the kitchen/dining side filled with the international/historic doll collection and the antique doll china, and 1 in the library closet to store assorted small peripherals. So both of those are set up, affixed to walls, and filled with their intended contents.

I started setting up to hang pictures (including a run to the store to get hardware) but decided a higher priority was getting the camping fire box in shape for the cooking class I'm doing in two weeks. You see, back when I bought the fire box a year ago July, I knew that the unfinished steel would last better (and be far less messy to cart around) if I gave it a coat of stove blacking to fend off rust. But when I got it home from WATW, it needed cleaning, and I didn't have a good storage place for it so it sat out in the back yard, so of course it got damp and a little rusty ... and as these things go, the longer I waited to work on it, the more work it needed, and the more trouble I had finding time to work on it. At any rate, to day I pulled out the power tools and stripped off the rust. Did a couple of minor modifications that make it easier to set up. And then discovered that I have no idea where I put the can of stove blacking that I bought for the job back when I first planned it. So ... one more trip to Home Depot. But it has the first coat on the first side.

I unboxed and put away a couple more boxes of stuff. There are now no boxes left to be dealt with in the kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, or either bathroom. The living room still has two boxes of cassette tapes to be dealt with (need to sort thing and figure out which of them I want to keep, given that I never listen to cassettes any more). The craft room still has one box of assorted office supplies that belong in the secretary desk. And then there's the library and guest/SCA room. No progress there except for picking up some free hardware from IKEA to help with fastening the library bookcases together. (I tried to pay for them -- after all, it isn't that it was missing from the original packages, I just needed more of the fasteners for what I wanted to do. But they didn't have any system set up for selling the items independently of kits, so I had to take them for free.) It may be a good thing that some of the last bits of organization are on hold until they come up in the funding queue since it gives me the push to work on the smaller tasks. But I do so want everything to be organized and in order.
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Once again, I used the presence of installing the bathroom cabinet on the to-do list as a wedge to get a lot of other stuff done. (At least, that's how I justify it to myself.)

Bike tire is patched -- I bribed myself by picking up a bike repair stand (the kind that holds your bike up in midair) which makes the whole process much simpler. With luck, it will mean I'm less likely to consider a flat to be a "wait till the weekend" project in the future. Because for some reason, flats seem more likely to happen at the beginning of the week than the end. Curiously enough, of the two sharp objects I found embedded in the tire, it was the plant thorn that lined up with the leak rather than the metal wire. Memo to self: must go online and order a couple spare tubes in the peculiar size that the Brompton takes. Also, more thorn-proof tires.

Garage shelves are earthquake-braced -- This project was made logistically more interesting by the fact that the concrete sill for the outer garage wall means the shelving is not flush against the wall. On the other hand, since the wallboard in the garage has only been painted, and not texturized, it's a lot easier to find the underlying studs. (Where was it that I recently saw a comment that stud-finders universally indicate that the interior structure of walls is constantly and randomly shifting?)

About half the front yard flower beds are detail-mapped and cataloged -- This is for a definition of "cataloged" that includes entries of "shrub -- species?????" Because the front property line (along the street) and the righthand property line (facing from the street) form something quite reasonably close to a right angle, with the house walls functionally parallel to those lines, I've decided to keep track of my mapping with an x,y coordinate system starting from the front right corner (but with positive x-coordinates rather than the negative ones that a truly fanatic and ocd mathematician would require). Cumulative error and the catenary drape of the 24-foot tape measure ensure that the coordinates will not be entirely correct, but it should be close enough for tracking and planning purposes. The map would be more elegant if I were doing it in metric rather than inches, but you work with the tape measure you have.

Gym bag has been modified for easier biking -- Proving that the best way to achieve a target is not to announce it in advance, for the first time since moving into the new house, I made it to the gym 5 out of 5 days last week and did a full elliptical routine every day, not just the shorter weights routine. I cobbled some clips and rings together from assorted hardware in order to be able to attach my gym bag to the outside of the Brompton front bike bag (so that I can also carry a lunchbag and maybe some grocery shopping at the same time). I'm also seriously considering trying a lunchtime workout rather than before or after work (except for Tuesdays, which are reserved for lunch with [ profile] thread_walker).

I'm starting to seriously reconsider my plans to locate my home computer center in the closet of the library room. I have yet to actually use the computer in that location -- even to the point of bringing the sheet-scanner out into the living room for processing receipts and bills. It still makes sense to use that location for office supplies storage (filing cabinets, paper supplies, software binders and manuals, rarely-used peripherals) and for the location of the wireless router/backup drive. But I'm starting to think that the "great room" is a better place for the immediate user interface (external monitor, printer/scanners). This shall require more experimentation.

Last week I thought that we'd seen the end of summer, especially Thursday evening when it was both cold and windy. But then the weekend was back to hot (just in time for all those work projects) -- hot enough that the Saturday evening concert in the park was balmy enough to enjoy without a jacket. I'm still enjoying the novelty of living in a place where 10 minutes biking gets me to the city center for cultural events ... and I feel perfectly comfortable biking home afterward fairly late at night.
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Today's accomplishments:

Took receipt of fridge and washer/dryer.
Trimmed moulding as necessary to insert fridge.
Entertained father and brothers, including first family meal in the new house and a couple rounds of cards out in the shade in the future-garden.
Successfully communicated with the postman regarding optimal placement of mailbox.
Got commitment from father to install said mailbox on Tuesday when the plumber and Comcast people are also scheduled.
Went shopping for necessities (cleaning supplies, mailbox, light bulbs, necessary connection for hooking gas to dryer, kitchen trash can), for redundancies that can't wait on unpacking (shorts, frying pan), and for luxuries (nice bathroom set of soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc.).

Taking advantage of the Starbucks wifi then next door to Trader Joe's to get groceries now that I have some place to put them, and then home to put away the loot.
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Somehow I kenw I was going to get things done today. Checked in with my home insurance company and discovered that, due to installing a burglar alarm system, they are willing to renew my policy after all. (Silly me actually making claims on an insurance policy. What did I expect but a cancellation notice?) Set up an appointment with Honda for the car's regular 20,000 mile service. Set up appointments with Kaiser for my regular girly stuff service. Oh, and I worked on work stuff too.
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I've successfully created a new desk environment for computing: nice large external monitor; new, smaller desk with better ergonomics and lots of organizational space for peripherals and accessories; usual sifting and discarding of obsolete software packages, documentation, etc. It is not yet the Platonic Ideal of a computing environment, but since I don't quite know what that would look like (and would probably have to build it from scratch) this is only to be expected. Went ahead and upgraded to Snow Leopard while I was at it (largely to take advantage of a multi-touch mouse I fell in love with while at the Apple store to pick up a second video adapter).

Next up is to install the secretary desk into its home location (still under negotiation) and reorganize the art supplies with respect to it. At the end of this process, I'll have two pieces of furniture to get rid of: the old (big, clunky, non-ergo) computer desk and this odd cabinet I've been using for art supplies (3 drawers and a glass-fronted shelving area). I'll probably list them on Freecycle right before next weekend so others are welcome to post inquiries prior to that. I'll also be listing various pieces of archaic hardware that nobody's yet shown interest in (external CD-burner, external "Super disk" drive)
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I'd drafted up a plan for the week:

Monday - menu planning
Tuesday - mend small tear in tent, pack clothing
Wednesday - grocery shopping, food prep
Thursday - pre-pack car
Friday - leave for event

But then I figured that if I did the grocery shopping today after gym, I could bike tomorrow instead of taking the car (because I don't want to end up carrying my backpack full of CSA veggies around at the supermarket and bicycles don't have trunks to leave them in). And having done the grocery shopping, I got sucked into starting the food pre-prep and the next thing I knew it was 8:30 and I hadn't even had dinner yet. So although the tent canvas is sitting the living room waiting for me, today ended up being all about the food.

I also got distracted by deciding to add another Form of Cury recipe and mix up a batch of hypocras spices. So now the leftovers of a bottle of two-buck Chuck red (which I'd cracked open for some cooking wine a few days ago) is macerating with spices and sugar for the weekend.
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Accomplished this weekend:

* car got serviced
* bike got dropped off for tune-up
* taxes got done and e-filed
* first half of minor tent repairs accomplished
* processed veggie box into: 2 servings asparagus & green garlic soup, 2 servings broccoli soup, 2 servings mashed carrots, 4 servings carrot & fennel slaw (caught up except for a butternut squash and a bag of potatoes)
* one green-can full of the annual Major Weeding (many cans to go)

I'm not feeling entirely ready for a camping event next weekend, but I guess that's the point of having the gear permanently organized. I don't actually have to be ready, I just need to follow the packing list.
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Wow, not posting much these days. And it's not that I'm chit-chatting away over at FB either. Mostly I just get home in the evening think longingly of going to bed early up until the point when I realize it's too late to do that. And then I sleep badly, although this week it's been because I tweaked my back ever so slightly moving some of [ profile] cryptocosm's stuff to the new house on Sunday. (The tweak is feeling much better today, despite having moved a bunch of document boxes at work yesterday.)

I'm accumulating a massive number of minor "to do" items that I need to just plough into:

* taxes
* car oil change
* bicycle spring tune-up (it's been raining again so I've put off renewing the bike commute)
* eye appointment for new prescription
* annual appointment for girly checkup stuff
* dr's appt. to review status of sciatic nerve stuff
* minor repairs to SCA tent in preparation for the season
* continue working on Kalamazoo paper so I can be done way before my subconscious starts sending deadline-related dreams my way
* deliver remaining spare bookcase to youngest brother
* return several pending e-mails that I haven't had energy for
* empty e-mail in-box and start from scratch; create new philosophy about what does and doesn't need answering (which will, of course, work much better than the last 5 new philosopies about how to handle incoming e-mail)
* and, yes, [ profile] scotica That Item is also on the list, so there *pthbh*
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I have the best friends in the whole world. Just saying. They've helped me assemble a great refreshments spread for the memorial tomorrow. I have the photo-collage prepared. I have the music set up on my iPhone (and have acquired mini speakers to use with it that have quite adequate sound). I've delivered the text for the "memorial minute". The service runs itself, for all practical purposes. I still have no idea how many people are going to show up, but that was never in my control. All I have to do tomorrow is is an airport pick-up in the morning, pack the food and other paraphernalia (including passengers), get to the site in time to get the food organized before the service, figure out when the most appropriate time for the music is (I was originally thinking as people arrived, but now I'm thinking as background during the socializing afterwards). Pack up and deal with any leftovers. Deliver people back to my place. Do an airport drop-off Sunday morning. Then pack for Maine. At some point after that I may think about Christmas shopping. Or not. We'll see.

And that tickle in my throat better be the after-effects of presenting a training lecture this afternoon. Or else.


Nov. 30th, 2009 04:42 pm
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Accomplished today's tasks, which were to dispose of mom's prescription medicines in an Approved Fashion and to take the results of the clothing sorting-out to the local homeless shelter.

I also successfully completed "International Write Something (Dammit) Month" (affectionately known as IWriSloMo) in that I have written new verbiage on my current fiction project (the alternate-history lesbian Ruritanian regency romance tentatively entitled "Daughter of Mystery") every single day in November. No matter what. And believe me, this has been a month to test the resolve. The novel is now at a little over 38K words (only 13K of which were written this month) and has a complete first draft of Part I of V. "First draft" in this case, however, means that I need to go back and fill in a lot of the descriptive parts (since they're the part that stick in my head without needing to be written down -- it's the conversation and basic events that start fading away if they aren't written), I need to come up with proper names for my characters and locations, and I need to do some more in-depth world-building on the parts of the story that diverge from our own world and history. But it's a nice place to finish the month, story-wise.

Tomorrow morning I fly back home. Then the December whirlwind begins.
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The nice thing about personal to-do lists is that one is not in the least obligated to accomplish them. I slept in to the decadent hour of 8am then went off for an extended semi-recreational shopping trip. Picked up some new DVDs, some shoes of the same style that I've previous bought about 6 pair (I have a solidly "guy" attitude towards shoes -- when you find something that works, keep buying it until they stop making it, then grumble a lot), a new teacup in my china pattern, thread and buttons for the fix-it work on the 1910s outfit, more than I intended in the way of organizational gadgets at The Container Store (that place is dangerous!), and some assorted mini-gourmet food items at Cost Plus to restock the car-camping-kitchen. Enjoyed a leisurely dinner of lamb rib-roast with sauted onions, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts, with mini cheesy biscuits on the side. Then did all the machine sewing for the fix-it items (tucks on the skirt, new tucked placket for the blouse front) and carefully removed the clamp-on snaps that I'd put on as a quick-and-dirty substitute for making button holes. Fortunately, the little prongs that fasten the halves of the snaps together had only pushed the threads aside and after being removed you couldn't even tell they'd been there. It was a vast waste of the snaps (which can't be re-attached to something else once the prongs have been bent) but they were way too heavy for the batiste, and besides which I'd put them wrong way round on the cuffs. So now I'll actually make buttonholes and add buttons, as well as adding hooks-and-eyes on the skirt waistband (rather than depending on safety pins). There: now you know all my dirty secrets about my one-night sewing project.

The only remaining must-do is my writing for the night, and so to bed.
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Yesterday I went off to Cyn's "Terrible Teens" tea party, which inspired me to indulge in a late-night sewing session Friday to make something to wear for it (the Past Patterns "Armistice Blouse" and a plain gathered skirt in the same pale blue linen batiste), although matching costume was not required, only appreciated. There are a couple of fixes I want to make in the outfit before it settles into that "completed -- and therefore not to be changed" state: the skirt wants a set of tucks near the hem, and the central placket needs to be about an inch taller (which should be easy since it's a separate piece).

It was a lovely afternoon of nibbling on delicious era-appropriate food, drinking tea, and indulging in wide-ranging conversation with a group of intelligent and personable women. (There was also one very very young man present, but he isn't up to engaging in conversation yet.) There's been a series of tea parties being held among an amorphous group of locals who think the idea of tea parties is really cool -- this is the first of them I've actually been able to make.

I've put in my bid to do one in January (need to pin down which of the currently-open weekends to schedule it for) as I've wanted for ages to use my great-great-grandparents' tea service for its proper purpose. I'll probably use the 1870s as the target for the food, since that spans the majority of their married life.

Today is unscheduled (thank goodness!) which means I have an entire to-do list ahead of me.
* Move the computer desk upstairs (with accompanying arrangements upstairs) so that the loom can be put into its home.
* Take pictures of the loom to send to the descendent-of-the-manufacturing-company with inquiries whether they can help me with some replacement cables for it.
* Try the two most-likely fixes for the kernal panic of the iMac.

And, of course, continue my successful stint at IWriSloMo and put in another day's efforts at novel writing. (I haven't always written much on any given day, but I've written something every day.)
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Having predicted that I'd get distracted from my productive goals, I succeeded in faking myself out and accomplished much. Let's see: I did excavate the dining room table (including doing the monthly accounts and filing). I did take four boxes of books to Moe's for trade-in (this is the picked-over remnants of my massive book purge of a couple years ago). Of which they were interested in one box. So the remainder I have gritted my teeth and tossed in recycling. (Mostly very old paperbacks of questionable physical integrity. But still ... they're books!) Having also taken a few accumulated items to the thrift store, my stair landing is now completely clear. (Which was a pre-requisite for being able to move the computer desk upstairs.) I've made a large batch of pea soup and another of cauliflower soup, which has fortified me for the gloriously gray autumn day. And now I'm going to be a Good Girl and spend the remainder of the evening doing housecleaning (rather than getting started on the desk move, which had no hope of being finished today).

The next target for "items identified for removal that have been sitting in a box too long" is the result of purging my kitchen equipment of stuff I never use. I keep meaning to have some sort of cooking party to entice people over to pick things over, but have no idea where I could fit it in to the calendar. Another target is removing the two remaining obsoleted bookcases, one of which is promised to the youngest brother (to match the other three he already took). The remaining one is available: 2 ft wide, 6 ft tall, particleboard painted pale seafoam green.
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I hereby confess that I have already begun the Winter Wimp-out regarding biking to work. (Usually I wait until the end of daylight savings.)

This weekend is totally unscheduled for a change. So I expect that I'll plan to do all sorts of useful things like housecleaning, taking unwanted books to Moe's for trade-in, and compleing the excavation of the diningroom table. But what I'll actually do is start on the loom refurbishment, move the computer desk upstairs to make room for the loom -- thereby starting a reshuffling cascade that will take months to resolve. At that point I'll get distracted with troubleshooting the kernal panic. (I actually have high hopes of resolving it easily, given the likelihood that it involves RAM problems -- because I still have the unused spare RAM chip from back when the machine was new and had kernal panic issues.)

After getting the desktop back in working order, I will then get distracted by doing some document scanning, because the objects being displaced by the desk move are mostly filing cabinets, and I'm supposed to be reducing the number of filing cabinets by scanning all my article offprints. Thus project will then be abandoned to start a nes sewing project (something to wear for the upcoming 1910s tea party).

The weekend will finish with 5 new half-completed projects and no significant housecleaning or any of the other planned accomplishments.
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I think I've mentioned before that I have this reflexive drive, when going out of town, to get the perishables in the fridge down to a minimum -- even if I'm only going off for a long weekend. (For some reason, long-weekend SCA events don't create the same impulse. It's something about flying places.) In addition, I needed to Do Things with the weekly produce box, since it tends to be more perishable than grocery store produce. (This is, of course, one of the attractions -- it's delivered ripe.) I'd already skimmed off the peaches and grapes for lunch today and tomorrow. So the two melons were cut into chunks, packed into lunch containers, and frozen. I had the green beans tonight (steamed and sprinkled with ground sesame seeds). Tomatoes got shared out into tomorrow's lunch, plain sliced-with-salt for the ripest two, and the rest combined with the onion, a couple of the peppers (the rest will keep), some garlic, and the rapidly-wilting remainder of last week's basil for some stir fry accompanied by a couple pieces of rex sole. Other than that, there was yet another head of garlic (which goes into the rotating garlic stash at this point).

In theory, I have time for dinner before heading off to the airport tomorrow evening, but since I'm taking public transit (because I like to, as long as I have the time and it's a convenient flight time) I know that I'll end up wanting to set out earlier rather than later and it makes more sense just to plan on eating at the airport. (There are actually some nice places to eat at SFO, as long as you aren't worrying about running late for a flight.)

So the only other to-do item for tonight is "pack". (The last item -- get haircut -- is scheduled for right after work tomorrow. It's my back-up excuse for leaving work promptly.)


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